hairspo // 23.12.14

Today's post features my much needed hairspo for a much needed (???) haircut! 

I’m not really one that’s all about the 'new year, new me’ because I feel like the years go by and happen for a reason, so there is no need to completely change yourself. But I am in desperate need of a hair change. In the beginning of 2013 I said to myself I will colour and cut my hair like Zina Charkoplia. A month later I cut off all my ombre (straw like) ends. How’s that for change?

My hair at the moment i’d say is like mid length past my shoulder blades kinda vibe. 
 My hair is lacking colour, volume and structure. Hence my need to fulfil the motto ‘new year, new hair’ because i think that’s how it should go. Right? 

* all images via pinterest

Until next time!
Asmaa xo

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