hairspo // 23.12.14

Today's post features my much needed hairspo for a much needed (???) haircut! 

I’m not really one that’s all about the 'new year, new me’ because I feel like the years go by and happen for a reason, so there is no need to completely change yourself. But I am in desperate need of a hair change. In the beginning of 2013 I said to myself I will colour and cut my hair like Zina Charkoplia. A month later I cut off all my ombre (straw like) ends. How’s that for change?

My hair at the moment i’d say is like mid length past my shoulder blades kinda vibe. 
 My hair is lacking colour, volume and structure. Hence my need to fulfil the motto ‘new year, new hair’ because i think that’s how it should go. Right? 

* all images via pinterest

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Asmaa xo


#ootw // byABK

Just a little quick post about all the outfits I've been rocking this past week. I haven't been the greatest of bloggers this past month/s. Life has been a struggle. It's only 9 days til 2015 arrives and I've been using the phrase '2015 will be my year' way too often this past month but i've already started on 2015 so that's a good sign right? 

Anyway i'll catch you in the next one and I hope you all enjoy Christmas and welcome 2015 with wide arms (if I don't see you in 9 days).

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Asmaa xo


STYLE ICON // Christine Centenera

When it comes to fashion Christine Centenera has it all. The looks, the style and the clothes. I guess that's what comes with being the senior fashion editor of Vogue Australia! Centenera is the queen of fashion and when it comes to her killer personal style she does no wrong. Trust me when I say this but narrowing down my favourites was difficult, really difficult. 

Her sense of style sits among sophistication, class and edge for this Australian beauty. And i'm not being biased when I say this but Aussie ladies know fashion and kill it. Centenera does just that, maybe another reason to why she always looks like she's just stepped out of some sort of high fashion  forward magazine.

I hope you guys like this post and it is somewhat of an inspiration! Let me know if you like Christine Centenera's style and tell me in the comments who your style inspirations are. I hope you're all having an amazing week so far and i'll see you all very soon. Xo

*all images via google images


happy feet

Shirt; Bardot, Denim; Jay Jays, Shoes; Lipstik &
Bag; Colette.

Just a quick outfit that I wore on the last day of uni for 2014. Yep, you heard it the first time I have officially finished university for 2014. No more exams, no more cramming last minute assignments and definitely no more procrastinating set readings haha (well for four months only and then we're back at it but let's not think that far ahead). I recently was on the hunt for the perfect summer sandal. I promised myself time and time again I wouldn't cave in to the 'birks' trend that's been going around. But when I saw these beautiful babies I couldn't resist. I will be wearing them to death. Literally. If you see someone in these shoes, it'll probably be me.

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Asmaa xo


October Favourites | Beauty Edition ♡

Holy cow! That's the only term that comes to mind when I think about how fast October has rushed past us, how December is ONE month away (wtf) and the fact that I turn 19 in sixty six days !!!! Putting all that good stuff aside, today I have a monthly favourites post. October was by far the most busiest month for me. During October I started my internship with a fashion agency, I finished my first year of uni and I was in the middle of house renovation. How's that for life. 
Also another thing that a friend recommended I read which is unfortunately not pictured below is 'Everyday Sexism' by Laura Bates. If you haven't heard of it I recommend you go to your nearest bookstore and pick it up because it will change your life. Otherwise you can search the hashtag #EverydaySexism on twitter and scroll through the endless amounts of tweets to make you dwell on our so called free and 'equal' society. But if you scroll down now you'll see some of the products i've been loving over the past month. 

Lorac Pro Palette, The Balm Hot Mama, Savvy Mineral Baked Bronzer,
Nyx Eyeshadow Base, Essie 'Spin the Bottle', Benefit Gimme Brow,
Garnier Eye Roll-on BB Cream.

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Asmaa xo


what i'm dreaming of ...

These are just a couple of 'necessities' I'm lusting over because who wouldn't dream of an eyeshadow palette that smells and looks like a chocolate bar. I mean, come on. My life would be so much easier if I could just purchase these without worrying about gym memberships, uni or savings but that's another different story. Maybe if I buy them one at a time and not all at the same time I won't feel so bad about spending so much. But who cares there necessary! Right?



leopard love

 Jumper; Target (who knew?), Denim; Sportsgirl, Shoes; Sportsgirl

"With beautiful shoes comes great pain!" I'm pretty sure some famous person once said that, because with every shoe that looks too good to be true there comes the pain that literally is too bad to be true.
But putting all that good stuff aside these little gems are too pretty to think about the pain. I decided to go casual with a pair of good ol' denim and my new favourite clothing item, a black turtleneck, I picked up at target for a price that was too good to be true. Hah.

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The turtleneck is a clothing item that is quickly making its way back into our wardrobes (hence, the reason I've given it, its own post). Turtlenecks have become a quick and easy 'i have nothing to wear' kinda outfit to throw on when you really do have nothing to wear. I hope this post convinces you that investing in one is essential for this winter season because apparently, they're here to stay. 

*All images via tumblr and instagram.