I've been a very bad blogger!

Hi guys! I know I haven't been a very great blogger the past three months! I'm sorry, I do hope I can keep posting but with exams and school I might be reconsidering, this is my last year of school (year 12 as we know it) and therefore the most important year considering if you want to enter university straight away, you will have to achieve a decent atar (a number, preferably above 50 to get you in your desired subject/course). I'm really aiming for my personal highest atar because I'm still misguided and indecisive on the course I want to do at uni, so I do have to put in all my effort and try my hardest in all my exams and assessments.

Anyway enough about the stresses of school. On another note, life has been great the past month/s in terms of shopping and I've scored some great necessities (being clothes and shoes). I'll leave photos at the end of this post so you guys can see for yourselves.

1. Dotti Shoulder Studded Blazer from DFO in Sydney, Australia. If you guys haven't checked out the Direct Factory Outlet you really haven't lost your retail sale virginity.
2. Sportsgirl Print Tee.
3. Sportsgirl Bomber Jacket.
4. Marco Gianni Studded Heels, these babies were fifteen dollars all I need now is the perfect outfit to go with them!
Can't wait to wear all these beautiful items and show them off. I'll keep you guys posted!
Have a lovely day!
Asmaa xo