Buy or Bye? | Australis & Models Prefer Contour Kits

So when it comes to contour kits they are the latest craze. We all need them in our lives because they being out your cheekbones, slim your nose and sculpt your face to give you a flawless complexion. High end brands have been cult classics when it comes to contour kits but recently our drugstore favourites are taking one for the team and have come out with their very own Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kat Von D 'dupes'. Australis was one of the very first to come out with their own contour kit, the AC On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit and more recently, Models Prefer have released their Contour Collection to join their new contouring and highlighting range. They both have three highlighting shades along with three contouring shades but which one has better quality?

The Australis kit is one that was definitely hyped up when it was first released, everyone and their mother had to have it (myself included). The contouring shades although a fave for ones that want the kim k bronze, didn't live up to their expectation and appeared a bit chalky and muddy and very difficult when it came to blending them out.

Even though the Models Prefer shades are less pigmented than the Australis, it's definitely a good thing. They are creamier and smoother and way easier to work with. 

If you're a highlighting and contouring beginner you probably want a kit that's easy to work with, blends out seamlessly and looks good on the skin. The Models Prefer ticks all those boxes and more, so you can see which side I'm taking. Hope this helps x


Beauty 101 | Under Eye Concealing ♡

Hi there! Today we are talking about all that jazz that goes into covering them good ol' bags we have residing under our eyes aka (the bags under my eyes are) prada!

Dark circles are not caused by one particular factor but one may have dark circles due to age, heredity, fatigue, anemia or medical problems. Dark circles can reside in the form of bluish/purple veins and can create shadows that may seem difficult to hide and conceal. 
In my instance I have very dark, blue/purple almost brown under eye circles. To conceal them I want to use an orange, yellow or pink/peach (salmon) corrector. Now depending on the colour of your dark circles you want to use a corrector that will cancel the colour out. 

With flash on Canon 600D

Okay so this is the end result but we want to go back to the starting point. 

Now we want an eye cream. Any eye cream will do but one main purpose of an eye cream is too keep the under eye area hydrated. A personal favourite of mine is the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, I apply this morning and night and a pea sized amount goes a long way. One thing to keep in mind with this particular eye cream is that it takes very long to dry up and what I like to do is apply it as the last step to my skincare and then do my eyebrows. In that time it won't be as sticky or oily once I do apply my foundation and concealer. 

After the eye cream has settled in for about 5-10 minutes we want to conceal the discolouration. This is where your corrector comes in. Below I have a number of colour correctors that are suited to every dark circle, personally I use the Benefit Erase Paste in the shade 2, it is the perfect peachy salmon coloured corrector. 

I apply the Benefit Erase Paste directly on the perimeter of the dark circle and blend it out with my finger. The next step is to use a thicker concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, a personal favourite is the Benefit Boi-ing concealer and I like to use the shade 1. 

I apply this concealer directly where my dark circle starts, on the inner corner.

I apply it on with the Real Techniques Detailer brush and I don't blend it out. So you want to leave it on there without blending it out but making sure there are no streaks. After that is on you want to take your regular concealer and apply it as you would i.e. an inverted triangle. Once that is on you go ahead and blend the concealer out with a beauty blender pressing the product into the skin in tapping motions. You want to make sure you tap the concealer in rather than swipe at it or buff it in. 

The last step you wouldn't want to miss is setting the concealer. I like to use a mineral powder because it tends to soak up the excess oils of the concealer and sets it down so it doesn't move or crease. I apply my setting powder with a small tapered brush. Sometimes I will use the 'baking' method and apply my setting powder excessively and leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then brush it off with the same tapered brush. 

And there we have the finished result. I hope you guys learnt something new or will be adding one of these steps to your under eye concealing method.

             If you have any questions that you feel like I didn't answer please leave me a comment.

* None of these images have been retouched. All these images were taken with the Canon 600D in natural daylight. 


this is what dreams are made of ...

My obsession with makeup is a bit crazy. I must admit i'm the worst (and best) when it comes to hoarding makeup. I want to use this post as my makeup wish list because of course if you already have loads of makeup you need more, right? 

makeup dreaming

Beauty product

Palette eyeshadow
62 AUD - toofaced.com

Night makeup
30 AUD - sephora.com



Ok, I know i'm a bit late but Happy New Year guys. I guess the fact i'm wishing you a happy new year two weeks after new years day says something about me ... haha oh well! 
So it is currently 10.48pm on a Wednesday night and I thought 'oh what better way to help my already shit sleeping patterns by blogging'! Before I get in any further I just want to set the scene for what's to come. 
So today morning I woke up at 10am. Yay for holidays :( I left the house at around 12pm and went in to Harvey Norman and picked up my first ever DSLR, the Canon 600D! To say the least I was the most excited and happiest person on this planet and still am. I count myself very lucky and fortunate to be able to splurge every once in a while. Fast forward two hours later I leave the store -$700 and one happy lady with all my photography gear!
But my latest splurge has inspired me to really take 2015 headstrong and write up goals and a plan I will consistently follow and constantly look back to throughout 2015. So here they are. My 2015 resolutions.

1. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. This is a big one. When it comes to me and my credit card there is no such thing as a spending ban. And I repeat, no such thing. It's completely non-existent. That's a bit dramatic but you get the gist. I think a way to fulfil this goal is to have the mindset that saving now will help me out in the future.

2. Keep a diary. 2014 was probably one of my not so great years. 2014 would have been much better if I actually kept a diary and regularly looked through it. Last year was my first year at uni so the whole transition from high school to uni was very daunting. I failed a unit because I misread the due date and thought one of my major assessments was due a week after its actual due date. Cue as to the events that would arise as I found out when the assessment was actually due. You could only guess! 

3. Upload content regularly. I recently started a youtube channel and want to start setting schedules of blog posts and youtube videos. 

I would say these are my top three priorities, along with keeping up with second year uni and a part time job, 2015 should be amazing. Tell me in the comments below what your goals and aspirations for 2015 are and I'll see you all very soon.

Until next time xx