happy feet

Shirt; Bardot, Denim; Jay Jays, Shoes; Lipstik &
Bag; Colette.

Just a quick outfit that I wore on the last day of uni for 2014. Yep, you heard it the first time I have officially finished university for 2014. No more exams, no more cramming last minute assignments and definitely no more procrastinating set readings haha (well for four months only and then we're back at it but let's not think that far ahead). I recently was on the hunt for the perfect summer sandal. I promised myself time and time again I wouldn't cave in to the 'birks' trend that's been going around. But when I saw these beautiful babies I couldn't resist. I will be wearing them to death. Literally. If you see someone in these shoes, it'll probably be me.

Until next time,
Asmaa xo

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