Rosie Fortescue!

The 23yo mega babe hit the UK big screen as an actress (playing a real life version of herself) on the reality TV series Made in Chelsea. Rosie also pursues a second job, running a fashion blog which is why I have decided to dedicate this post to her. I came across this photo of her here and fell in love with how effortlessly she rocked the monochrome trend. Her sense of style is immaculate.
So I did a bit of stalking, searched her on Google and I've put together a few of my favourite outfits.

 She blurs the line between edgy and eccentric while still pulling off the feminine look. You'll find her photographed with her designer bags. Always.

 In if not all, most of her outfits there is an element of leather. I love that she has stylish and affordable pieces from Topshop, Zara and Mink Pink but still has her own look.

Nonetheless it would be a dream come true to own her shoe closet. Just look at her shoes in all her fashion posts and you'll be thinking the same.
I'm so glad I've found this stylish fashionista. Go check her out for yourself, you can read Rosie's blog (here)
Have a lovely week
 Asmaa xo

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